Chamomile, We Simply Love It

Without getting all technical, fresh chamomile contains something called matricine and when heated matricine turns to chamazulene (which accounts for the often blue colour of the oil). Research shows that chamazulene is antiseptic. This might help explain why herbalist use this sweet, earthy smelling oil for it’s anti-bacterial, analgesic & anti-inflammatory (the list goes on) properties. “In a medical dosage, it can be used for anxiety and tension which lead to insomnia and migraines…it is very good as a digestive as it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and calming effects on the system” (Curtis, 234). Most people know chamomile as something you drink and have had it in herbal teas used to promote relaxation and sleep.

We love using Chamomile in our workshop. Its gentle scent is calming yet uplifting and oohh so fresh!

Why do you love Chamomile & what do you use it for?

3 responses to “Chamomile, We Simply Love It”

  1. Venessa Stany

    Chamomile is a total staple in our house!

  2. Nancy Ivy

    Love chamomile. I use it in my holistic health clinic all the time. It is soothing and calming and great for kids too. Nice to know what you are using around your workshop. Also love that you use it in your baby products.

  3. Melinda

    I drink chamomile everyday. I grow it in my garden and dry it. I then just steep it like you would any other herb for tea. I love it with honey. It is so comforting and fresh. Love that you are talking about herbs you use (not just to make your amazing products) and also the post you have about drying herbs – good tips! It really is so satisfying and soul nourishing to be involved in the creating of these magical herbs, not just buying them.

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