Gratitude Alphabet

We  just love this craft for kids from Amanda Blake Soule. Fun for parents too! Take a piece of paper (in our family we always have a large roll of kraft recycled paper on hand) and write down the letters of the alphabet. Then go through one by one picking something to be grateful for that corresponds to each letter. It is a fun way to do some spelling practice too. “It’s amazing how, even in the context of silliness, the act of saying aloud so many things we are grateful for really does make us feel aware of how full, loved, and blessed our lives truly are.” (Soule) This is a great time to talk about many things, such as the appreciation we have for the Elders in our families and the wisdom they offer us. You can also take your time with each letter or even pick multiple things to be grateful for. We have expanded on Soule’s idea. In fact, Gratitude Alphabets can be as elaborate as you like, perhaps adding pictures of the things you are grateful for! It could even turn into a photo project. You can also have themes for your Gratitude Alphabet, like a “Nature Gratitude Alphabet”. If you do this theme, you can even find things from the outdoors to add to the alphabet, like feathers or leaves.

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