Drying Herbs

Herbs are dry when the herb becomes withered and brittle, although still green. It is best to store herbs in a glass jar (like a large mouth mason jar) with a tight fitting lid. You can also store in plastic or paper bags. Dry dark places are best for storage.

Kids can help every step of the way: deciding what herbs to grow, picking the seeds, planting, watering, harvesting, drying and eating. Kids can help to decorate herb jars or cut out labels for the jars. Food pictures on the jars with the text can be really fun, like a picture of spaghetti on the basil jar.

Some of the ways you can dry your herbs

Sun Drying: If you want to sun dry your herbs, place your harvested herbs in the sunlight. Best to spread them out on a screen or newspaper. Rotate is needed.

Conventional Oven Drying: Set to low heat (140F or so) and let them dry until crisp. Avoid high heat, could take a few hours.

Hanging to Dry: Gather bunches of herbs and tie together with an elastic band. Hand upside-down until dry.

Warm Shade Drying: Spread herbs out on screen or newspaper and leave in a dry, shady spot. Drying this way will take about a week. Check occasionally to see if rotating is necessary.

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