Our Story


For more than a decade we have been committed to keeping Sacred Lotus free from harsh chemicals and preservatives. Our products are the natural colours of their ingredients with no artificial flavours or scents. That means Sacred Lotus products contain biodegradable plant-based ingredients and are approximately 99.98% – 100% natural.


At Sacred Lotus Our Goals Are

  • To create products from natural sources that help families live naturally.
  • To offer products which are biodegradable and therefore gentler to the environment. What goes into our eco-systems is important to us.
  • To be a part of building a green-economy and global business model that is built on environmental accountability.
  • To be honest and transparent with our ingredient lists.
  • To inspire people to live harmoniously with nature and to protect it for future generations.

We use natural, eco-friendly ingredients that are biodegradable. What goes into our eco-systems is important to us! We also work hard to source packaging that is gentler to the planet.

We produce products in the Waterloo Region of Ontario Canada.

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